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About Carel Lanters

Carel Lanters (Didam, 1955) received his education in the AKI art academy in Enschede (now part of ArtEZ) between 1976 and 1981. Among his mentors were Joop Hardy, Alphons Freijmuth, Reinier Lucassen, Jan Roeland, Ad Gerritsen and Sigurdur Gudmundsson. During his education he initiated the Department of Groundbreaking Research (“Grensverleggend Onderzoek”), in which he graduated.

Through a form of sublimation he tries to sharpen our perception in a subtle way. He is not limited to any technique or material. He has created monumental works as well as functional objects that are found in daily life like street furniture and tree grates.

Besides making commissioned art, he creates objects, sculptures and installations for exhibitions, that he often curates himself.

He is married to visual artist Lee Eun Young with whom he often collaborates on different projects.

In the publication Carel Lanters Gerrit Willems writes the following on the work:

‘For the artist, everything can be a motive to be incorporated in his art: nature, literature, dreams, trivial images from daily life or major examples from art history, everything really. But to point out the source of inspiration from art history doesn’t bring one closer to the secret of his art. The fact that certain images are the starting point, can’t possibly say everything about the result that emerges in an enigmatic and almost inaccessible process. You can have words in mind and express thoughts using words. As mysterious as it is — still — to have images in mind and to express thoughts visually. You could say that a thought becomes an image and an image follows after a thought (with a reference to the poet Nijhoff). One image is the starting point of another. That’s the thinking of a visual artist.’

— Gerrit Willems


2006-2014 ArtEZ university of the arts, Arnhem, teacher spatial design and coaching

2007-now Teacher ArtEZ Art & Design pre-educational program; guest tutor; workshops and masters

2008 Cooordinator experimental minor Wanderwort with exhibition in the Coda Museum, Apeldoorn

2011-2012 Founder/coordinator minor Exposure ArtEZ Art & Design, in collaboration with Tamara Rookus

2012-2013 Projects in Artoll (D) with students of ArtEZ fine art Arnhem and Enschede

Guest teacher roles ArtEZ university of the arts AKI, Enschede; Willem de Koning Academy for Visual Art, Rotterdam; St. Lucas Academy for Visual Art, Brussel; ArtEZ Conservatory and Dance departments

Curator (a selection)

2000 Draußen vor der Tür, Archipel, Apeldoorn;

Amulet d’arbre, De Vijf Zinnen, Arnhem

2004 Zucht, Paraplufabriek Nijmegen (in collaboration with Paul Donker Duyvis)

2007 MIR in collaboration with Rob Voerman, Alphons ter Avest and Jerome Symons

2008 Wanderwort, experimental minor and exhibition in the Coda Museum Apeldoorn

Non Digital Garden, Espace Enny, Laagkeppel

Gietwerk, about the bronze-foundry de Olifant, CBK Nijmegen, in collaboration with casper ter Heerdt

Soundscape, Espace Enny

2012 & 2013 Exhibition after project weeks in Artoll Kunstlabor, Bedburg-Hau (Germany) 2013


  • Basic scholarship, Fund for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture, Amsterdam;
  • Scholarship educational fund for artists: 3x artist in residence;
  • Scholarship educational fund for artists: casting certificate
  • Different scholarships and subsidies from municipal and provincial government agencies




(a selection from 1998 onwards)


  • Can you show me the way to the CBK? Municipality of Emmen; 160 enamel plates Sublimation, municipality of Dordrecht, oud Krispijn, CBK


  • The Branch of Salzburg, the seven stages of love, over the heap (Stendhal), Zeist.


  • Lotus, artwork at the marriage entrance of the town hall of Diemen
  • Lily, Afferden, municipality of Bergen (L)


  • Sculpture on the town square in Nieuwveen, municipality of Liemeer


  • A botanical tour, Goede Herder wijk, Laren


  • Kastanjedroom (Chestnut dream), sculpture in the Valkhofpark, Nijmegen


  • Entrance, Amstelpark, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Amsterdam
  • Sculpture, st. Quivan’s Cross, Inis Oirr, Ireland
  • The Seaweed Bridge, Hoorn


  • Heemstede, bronze tree grid with gryphons
  • Design of the special coin 400 years NL-USA minister of Finance
  • Design entrance building, Thialf, Arnhem


  • Design proposal: The Walk, Oostheempark, Zoetermeer
  • Pieces of Mind (“Denkbeelden”), 100 objects placed in niches in the new residential area Westeraam in Elst


  • Extention of “Sublimation” Dordrecht, 1998, square and façade hamam
  • Design of an image at the IJssel riverside in Kampen
  • Dragon Fence, sculpture as portal for primary school de Toonladder, Nieuwegein


  • Monument for nature, Drentse AA, Province of Drenthe


  • Municipality of Veldhoven, Oerle, community art project
  • Municipality of Arnhem Malburgen, proposal fountain-sculpture on roundabout


  • Chestnut dream ll, Nijmegen


  • Jeanne d’Arc, Arnhem


  • Commission “Menthol and Roosje”, Hengelo. (in collaboration with locals and companies in Hengelo)
  • The memory tree. Rijnstate art collection Arnhem, courtyard hospital.


  • Design commission het Barghse Huus, s-Heerenbergh

Other activities

1981 — heden

  • Development of performances with sound objects using the uilleann pipes and much more (see projects)

1984 — 1988

  • Member of the commission for exhibitions, art centre De Gele Rijder, Arnhem
  • Member of the advisory board for cultural herritage, municipality of Zutphen

1997 — heden

  • Co-founder and chairman Foundation The Realists, stereo photography

2000 — 2004

  • Member of the advisory board for visual art, municipality of Arnhem

2001 — 2005

  • Member of the advisory board for cultural planning, Province of Noord-Holland

2005 — 2008

  • State Commissioner / external advisor on the graduation of a number of art academies


(a selection from 1981 onwards) D = duo, S = solo


  • De Branderij, Unreasonable optimism 2, Antwerpen BE
  • Museum of Modern Art Arnhem, Made in Arnhem and Inis Oίrr (S)
  • Seoul International Art Festival, South Korea;
  • Museum of Modern Art, Harbin, China


  • Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, NL
  • Queeste, gestolde herinnering (soldified memory), Arnhem, NL (S)


  • 4e Höhler Biennial, Gera, Germany (The Realists)
  • Art Crumbles, Nijmegen, NL (The Realists)
  • New Saints, Gallery Objectief, Enschede NL (The Realists)
  • The Lecturer and His Students, Kunstverein Das Haus im Park, Emmerich, Germany (D)


  • Tekeningen, Áras Éanna T H Gallery, Galway, Ireland
  • Gelderland Biennial, Valkhof Museum, Nijmegen, NL (The Realists)
  • Prima Materia, curated and participation, gallery Espace Enny, Laag-Keppel, NL


  •  The Beckettness of Inis Oìrr, interdisciplinary project with visual art, music and theatre (2011 — 2013) Aras Eanna Ireland. (S) until 2015
  • SART, NANO Gold, stereo photography, Nano lab. University of Twente, NL (The Realists)


  • voorBEELDEN exhibition Nederlandse kring voor beeldhouwers (Dutch circle for sculptors), WZ Amsterdam, NL



  • Pronounceables III, Gallery Espace Enny, Laag-Keppel, NL (D)
  • Phantom reality reset, Tetem Enschede in collaboration with de Wattmannen Artist in residency Achill Island, Ireland with exposure


  • Duende, VM23 Arnhem, curated and participation, Silence is like breathing NL
  • SILENCE OUT LOUD. Museum Kranenburgh. Bergen NL


  • Deseos del espiritu in collaboration with Aracelly Scheper in Art Gallery O-68 Velp NL (D)


  • Arttra gallery Amsterdam, NL (S)
  • NUN, Arnhem, NL
  • Code Rood Arnhem (D) Circl, Amsterdam, NL
  • Code Rood in collaboration with Mirka Farabegoli, Arnhem ,NL
  • NUN, Arnhem in collaboration with M. Farabegoli, Arnhem, NL
  • NUN, Arnhem in collaboration with Jan Wierda and Frans van Nunen
  • Performance in collaboration with Mick O’Shea, The Guesthouse, Cork, Ireland
  • Performance/installation in Museum Modern Art, Arnhem; with Masha Bronnikova


  • Voorbijgang in collaboration with Jeroen Huisman in Het Damhuis, Winssen
  • Spurensicherung 1 Artoll Kunstlabor, Bedburg-Hau, Duitsland
  • Spurensicherung 2 Circa…dit, Arnhem
  • Piece coin, Artborne Project during the Airborne walking tour in Oosterbeek, NL


  • Contested space: B53, Arnhem
  • The Circle: Kunst en Poezie-festival, Schokland. In samenwerking met Masha Bronnikova
  • The Gym: Ellecom, i.s.m. Aracelly Scheper
  • Toxic Bunker: The Artist as a Cockroach, samengesteld door Mirka Farabegoli. (her residency on location, studio Omstand)
  • Storage and retrieve: Circa Dit, Arnhem