Aluminium for Alumni

  • Lee Eun Young

  • Katinka Zonneveld

  • Paul Bos

  • Bart Pols

  • l-r Carel Lanters, Aracelly Scheper, CL

  • Mirka Farabegoli

  • Emiel Ambroos

  • Carel Lanters 'philosopher's stone's

  • Overview

Project and Exhibition ‘Secret Tools ll’

For several years, artist/teacher Carel Lanters has been working with Baptist Arnhem to teach ArtEZ students the technique of metal casting and to provide substantive guidance.

In 2022, together with the Nijmegen based founder Daan van Neerven, he worked with ArtEZ alumni supplemented with a few other artists.

Title: Secret Tools. This refers to objects that suggest tools; which one wonders what it is for.

The project consisted of 4 days: 1 Model preparation. 2  Form the model in a fire-resistant material. 3 After the blocks have been burned out (wax models and other combustible materials disappear), liquid aluminum will be poured into them . The casting technique is known as Cire Perdue or lost wax. 4 The following week the castings were finished and exhibited in Baptist’s tool shop. 1 month later an exhibition of the work was curated by CL and Eibert Jonker in Circa… Dit in Arnhem.

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