Portraits of a Gym

  • Gym of Ellecom, film 10

  • Gym outside

  • Gym inside

  • Pinhole photos from the 'Gym' project in the 'Toxic Bunker' exhibition, colaboration with Aracelly Scheper, compiled by Mirka Farabegoli. Photo: Jeroen Huisman

  • Part of the exhibition in Gallery 38

The gym in Ellecom is a structure made by nazi occupants during World War II. In collaboration with Aracelly Scheper, the strange feeling of history, memories and emptiness are captured by pinhole cameras. In March 2020 they presented the prints in an exhibition and a publication with stories and hand developed photographs. Here you can read more about pinhole photography. Here you read an article in the newspaper de Gelderlander (Dutch)


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Courtesy of the artist