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The staff has a symbolic meaning in many cultures, referring to power, wisdom or magic. For the sticks of Carel Lanters, the SeanchaĆ­, an Irish storyteller who often cuts a staff, is a source of inspiration. His Storytellers consist of sticks that end in a unique form, inspired by the appearance of the branch, varying from organic branches and gourds to a mask or a female body.

A collection of Storytellers rests mysteriously against the wall in Zinder. Every staff tells its own story; together they accommodate a multitude of stories. One of the sticks presented carries a “toonbeeld“, one of Carel’s first sculptures: the semi-ceramic form is derived from a tree branch and can be played as a horn.

Exhibited in Art Gallery O-68 Velp and Arttra Gallery Amsterdam

Next show with the Storytellers wil be in Zinder Expo Tiel (19 march-19 april)



Year / Years: 2017-2020