Das Wasser fließt die Grenze entlang

  • pinhole photograph

  • pinhole photograph

Das Wasser fließt die Grenze entlang (the water flows along the border)

A work period in the context of ‘Wildtuin’; Circa… Dit, Arnhem, NL, where the cooperation between different generations forms the basis.
Together with Lucas Sloot, a new project was developed that resulted in a presentation with works of art that were experienced as innovative by both artists. Work and presentation period Jan, Feb, Mar. 2023

During a first walk in the border area near Beek (NL) and Elten (D), the area where both artists have their roots, they ended up in the old church in Hoog-Elten. There they saw the image of St. Machutus; a 12th century sculpture of Mary and child, of which the head was replaced in the 17th century by a man’s head: St Machutus. Reason for Lucas and Carel to model this representation; modeling the body and head separately from each other and then placing them on top of each other. At the same location they found a stump sticking out of the ground that they knew associatively would be of great importance; Pulled out of the ground and inverted, it turned out to be a new representation of Machutus. For this they made a reliquary: 3 caps of plaster which partly encompass the stump and represent the space of an invisible head.

Soundscape: 3 parts for 2 whistles 

Video: Moving maps of the border and river area were projected over the 3 images. with sound


Year / Years:2023