Pinhole Photography

The pinhole technique is as old as mysterious. With a simple method you will produce stunning images, where the elements time and intuition play an important role.

Plaatsmaken organizes a workshop in which you will work with a selfmade pinhole camera and develop the images in the darkroom. You will also work on medium format film (6×6, 6×9, 6×12, 6×17 cm) in a professional pinhole camera and learn how develop the film. Please sign up at Plaatsmaken

In samenwerking met Aracelly Scheper; een serie pinholefoto's van een historische kermis. tentoonstelling in Tape, Arnhem 2018

The proces of casting bronze and aluminum

The process of casting bronze and aluminum Goal of this workshop is to give amateurs (= people who like this stuff), students, alumni and professionals insight in the preparations and casting of bronze and aluminum. Besides techniques tought by Daan van Neerven, the casting master of Nijmegen, the workshop also has a content-related element. Meaning the students will work from a conceptual idea and in a group.


This short movie shows the proces of casting aluminium by a group of 12 young artists


Art Education

Art education to students, alumni and professionals.

Carel has taught at the Fine Art department of ArtEZ university of the Arts in Arnhem from 2006 to 2015, specializing in spatial design.

He now teaches at the pre educational course of ArtEZ

and provides workshops to institutes, groups and individuals