Pinhole photography

  • Reading man, long exposure time

  • Port na bPúcaí (the fairy tune)

  • Pinhole photos from the 'Gym' project in the 'Toxic Bunker' exhibition, colaboration with Aracelly Scheper, compiled by Mirka Farabegoli. Photo: Jeroen Huisman

  • The Plassy, a shipwreck from 1960 on Inis Oírr. 6x12 cm color slide film

  • In samenwerking met Mirka Farabegoli; Code Rood pinhole-fotografie.

    In collaboration with Mirka Farabegoli; Code Rood pinhole-photography.

  • In samenwerking met Jeroen Huisman voor de tentoonstelling

    In collaboration with Jeroen Huisman; the exhibition "Voorbijgang" (passing by) in the house at the dyke in Winssen.

  • Cork 2017 Overlaps creating one long exposure.

  • Reconstructie in brons op graf

    Pinhole with a converted Agfa Isola, the lenstube inserted. Blue taped branches by Lee Eun Young in the exhibition "Spurensicherung"

  • In samenwerking met Aracelly Scheper; een serie pinholefoto's van een historische kermis. tentoonstelling in Tape, Arnhem 2018

    In collaboration with Aracelly Scheper; a series of pinhole-photo's of a historical fair. Exhibition in Tape, Arnhem 2018

  • Pinhole opnamen op Inis Oirr 2015

    Pinhole-photography on Inis Oirr 2015. Cill na seacht nInion, an old ecclesiastical site

  • Pinhole- and stereo photography. A can with two small holes and photographic paper.

  • Portrait 1 Noelle

  • Portrait 2 Mirka

  • Portrait of a passer-by

  • In samenwerking met Mirka farabegoli; opnamen in gougane barra, co. Cork met overlappingen zodat de totale film (80 cm) een afbeelding is.

    In collaboration with Mirka farabegoli; Gougane Barra/the Gearagh, co. Cork. With overlaps, creating an exposure of 6x80 cm.

  • Dubbel belichting in NUN exporuimte

    Double exposure in NUN exhibition space

  • Reconstructie in brons op graf

    In collaboration with Patricia Steffen; meditation during the exposure-time of 40 sec.

  • Rijnbrug dubbelopname

    River Rhine bridge; double exposure

  • Crime-scene, pinhole

    Crime-scene, pinhole

  • Watertuin. in oplage voor de Spijkerkrant

    Watertuin (Water-garden) edition 10 for periodical

  • Nimf 4,5 m. polystyreen. In de beeldentuin van Espace Enny Laag Keppel

    Nymph, 4,5 m. polystyrene. Sculpture-garden of Gallery Espace Enny, Laag Keppel

  • Artoll Kunstlabor Bedburg Hau (D)

    Artoll Kunstlabor Bedburg Hau (D) Artist in residency.

  • Holga 120WPC pinhole camera

    Holga 120WPC pinhole camera, 6x9 and 6x12 cm.

  • Ondu pinholecamera voor 6x6, 6x9 en 6x12 cm.

    Ondu pinhole-camera for 6x6, 6x9 and 6x12 cm.

  • Vermeer Pinhole camera 6 x 17 cm

  • Modified Agfa Isola 6x6 cm.

Pinhole photography is lensless photography. A tiny hole replaces the
lens. Light passes through the hole; an image is formed in the camera.

The pinhole camera has no “lens,” per se. The tiny fixed aperture creates a soft infinite focal plane, allowing the “feeling” of the landscape to come through. Where digital photography is like good nonfiction, sharp and detailed, pinhole photography somehow has the profound emotional honesty, the subjective truth of a great novel. Each image carries with it a story, or many different stories.

With the pinhole camera, Cartier-Bresson’s instructive phrase—the decisive moment, referring to the fraction of a second in which a photo should be taken—turns into the decisive minute or minutes. Patience is the greatest virtue when working with these rudimentary cameras.

On this page there are projects and pinhole-camera’s which I work with.

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