Pinhole photography

  • Reading man, long exposure time

  • The fairies in the wood

  • Pinhole photos from the 'Gym' project in the 'Toxic Bunker' exhibition, colaboration with Aracelly Scheper, compiled by Mirka Farabegoli. Photo: Jeroen Huisman

  • The Plassy, a shipwreck from 1960 on Inis Oírr. 6x12 cm color slide film

  • In samenwerking met Mirka Farabegoli; Code Rood pinhole-fotografie.

    In collaboration with Mirka Farabegoli; Code Rood pinhole-photography.

  • In samenwerking met Jeroen Huisman voor de tentoonstelling

    In collaboration with Jeroen Huisman; the exhibition "Voorbijgang" (passing by) in the house at the dyke in Winssen.

  • Cork 2017 Overlaps creating one long exposure.

  • Reconstructie in brons op graf

    Pinhole with a converted Agfa Isola, the lenstube inserted. Blue taped branches by Lee Eun Young in the exhibition "Spurensicherung"

  • In samenwerking met Aracelly Scheper; een serie pinholefoto's van een historische kermis. tentoonstelling in Tape, Arnhem 2018

    In collaboration with Aracelly Scheper; a series of pinhole-photo's of a historical fair. Exhibition in Tape, Arnhem 2018

  • Pinhole opnamen op Inis Oirr 2015

    Pinhole-photography on Inis Oirr 2015. Cill na seacht nInion, an old ecclesiastical site

  • Pinhole- and stereo photography. A can with two small holes and photographic paper.

  • Portrait 1 Noelle

  • Portrait 2 Mirka

  • Portrait of a passer-by

  • In samenwerking met Mirka farabegoli; opnamen in gougane barra, co. Cork met overlappingen zodat de totale film (80 cm) een afbeelding is.

    In collaboration with Mirka farabegoli; Gougane Barra/the Gearagh, co. Cork. With overlaps, creating an exposure of 6x80 cm.

  • Dubbel belichting in NUN exporuimte

    Double exposure in NUN exhibition space

  • Reconstructie in brons op graf

    In collaboration with Patricia Steffen; meditation during the exposure-time of 40 sec.

  • Rijnbrug dubbelopname

    River Rhine bridge; double exposure

  • Crime-scene, pinhole

    Crime-scene, pinhole

  • Watertuin. in oplage voor de Spijkerkrant

    Watertuin (Water-garden) edition 10 for periodical

  • Nimf 4,5 m. polystyreen. In de beeldentuin van Espace Enny Laag Keppel

    Nymph, 4,5 m. polystyrene. Sculpture-garden of Gallery Espace Enny, Laag Keppel

  • Artoll Kunstlabor Bedburg Hau (D)

    Artoll Kunstlabor Bedburg Hau (D) Artist in residency.

  • Holga 120WPC pinhole camera

    Holga 120WPC pinhole camera, 6x9 and 6x12 cm.

  • Ondu pinholecamera voor 6x6, 6x9 en 6x12 cm.

    Ondu pinhole-camera for 6x6, 6x9 and 6x12 cm.

  • Vermeer Pinhole camera 6 x 17 cm

  • Modified Agfa Isola 6x6 cm.

Pinhole photography is lensless photography. A tiny hole replaces the
lens. Light passes through the hole; an image is formed in the camera.

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