Experiments on Reality

  • stereo image using 2 pinhole cameras. see these spatial with cross eyed viewing

  • cross eyed viewing

  • cross eyed viewing

Immediately after the first presentation in Circa… Dit, ‘La Condition Humaine’, a second consecutive exhibition period arose under the title “Experiments on Reality”. Carel worked together with Eibert Jonker and 4 students from the ArtEZ dance academy in Arnhem: Adrian Thoemmes, Mireia Var√≥n, Amit Palgi and Naomi Schouten. Here you find a short video of their performance in Circa…Dit. 28-08-2020.

In a few sessions, dance pose compositions were captured with a pinhole camera with an average exposure time of 30 sec. In addition to 18 images, you can also see stereo images in color and black and white, which can be seen spatially by means of cross eyed viewing.

Cross eyed viewing is a variation on free-viewing where the images are deliberately transposed right to left and left to right. Raising a finger halfway between the image and your eyes then focusing on the tip of your finger will cross your eyes. The images will be out of focus so if you then move your finger towards the images concentrating on the finger tip the images can be brought into focus and merge.

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