The proces of casting bronze and aluminum

The process of casting bronze and aluminum Goal of this workshop is to give amateurs (= people who like this stuff), students, alumni and professionals insight in the preparations and casting of bronze and aluminum. Besides techniques tought by Daan van Neerven, the casting master of Nijmegen, the workshop also has a content-related element. Meaning the students will work from a conceptual idea and in a group.


This short movie shows the proces of casting aluminium by a group of 12 young artists

  • To create a wax model
  • To form a fire-resistant material from the wax model, including casting- and air vents
  • To refine and add patina
  • Optionally show the results in a group exhibition

The price may differ per group size. For an accurate estimate, please contact Carel Lanters. The workshop takes place in de Vasim, Nijmegen.

  • casting-bronze


  • IMG_8426

    the foundry

  • IMG_8518a copy kopie

    cast in bronze

  • 5.brons-ribbenkast

    cast in bronze

  • Pistool van Brons

    Bronce pistol

  • 2.brons-deurkrukken

    doorhandles in bronze and aluminium bArtEZ Fine Art

  • 1.brons-deurkrukken

    doorhandles in bronze and aluminium bArtEZ Fine Art

  • Workshop casting bronze coins ArtEZ Fine Art and Design in Education

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