In samenwerking met Aracelly Scheper; een serie pinholefoto's van een historische kermis. tentoonstelling in Tape, Arnhem 2018

Pinhole Photography

The pinhole technique is as old as mysterious. With a simple method you will produce stunning images, where the elements time and intuition play an important role.

Plaatsmaken organizes a workshop in which you will work with a selfmade pinhole camera and develop the images in the darkroom. You will also work on medium format film (6×6, 6×9, 6×12, 6×17 cm) in a professional pinhole camera and learn how develop the film. Please sign up at Plaatsmaken

  • Camera Obscura

  • st Finbar's cathedral front, pinhole photo

  • Bedburg Hau, building 6 in the surroundings of a psychiatric hospital

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