Tone Sculptures

  • Toonbeeld 3 with blow-mask, a sound-sculpture (collection Gemeentemuseum the Hague)

  • Final presentation Artschool AKI

  • Exhibition in the Heurne, Enschede, 1981

  • The toonbeelden (horns) are being played

  • Playing on horn 3, with blowing mask

  • Toonbeeld 2; a horn in 5 parts, a reconstruction of the original sound-sculpture; to carry as hand luggage.

  • Toonbeeld 2 als geheel

    Toonbeeld 2 connected

Tone Sculptures

Carel’s graduation project at the AKI art academy in Enschede in 1981 (now part of ArtEZ), consisted of 10 horns, inspired by tree branches. He made these horns by putting air drying clay on a tree branch and removing the tree branch after the clay had dried. The branches were hung on a wall and the horns were placed on the ground. As part of the exhibition the guests could listen to a demonstration of all of the horns, followed by 3 self-written compositions for the horns, recorded in a studio on a 10-track recorder.

These recordings can be heard on Soundcloud.

These “Toonbeelden” or Tone Sculptures (the ambiguity of the original Dutch title is lost in translation: in Dutch the word “toon” can mean both “tone” and “show”) are included in the collection of Gemeentemuseum Den Haag (The Hague Municipal Museum) and the Coda museum in Apeldoorn.

Three of the sculptures were reconstructed for performances. The horns are made out of three to four separate pieces for travel purposes.

Here you can see and hear a performance in the centre of Enschede. 

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Coda Museum Apeldoorn

Haags Gemeentemuseum