Landart and poetry – Schokland

  • proposal for an installation

  • diameter: 10 m.

Groundspeak is the title of the international land art and poetry project on the former island of Schokland in the summer of 2019. In collaboration with Masha Bronnikova, who wrote the poem “Circle”. The concept: a 5-meter long rod rotates around a centrally placed axis, propelled by a visitor; In this way a circular path is created in the tall vegetation. You can see a first impression here.

Carel Lanters and Masha Bronnikova regularly perform with their sound art.

Masha Bronnikova:

++ it’s a circle, it’s everywhere. it’s menacing. you know it.

## I cannot talk about it.

++ it appreciates your gestures. your way of doing things.

## still can’t.

++ somehow I am afraid of it. still, there is a point to it. the circle.

## I just don’t feel this way right now, nor ever.

++ come on, try to reach out. circum fere….

## I don’t know, it hurts. to think about this.

++ I wanted to write a poem for you, just for you.
about a circle.

## no, don’t, i’m disoriented.

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Courtesy of the artist