Toonbeelden a re-release after 40 years

Exactly 40 years ago I did my final exams at the AKI with the project ‘Toonbeelden’ (the title of 10 horns formed on tree branches). 4 compositions for 10 horns, published in an edition of 100 on music cassette.
This anniversary re-issue has been supplemented with a new recording on Toonbeeld 11R.
New edition of 100/ numbered and signed,
incl. Bandcamp code to download/listen to the whole digitally. (over 50 minutes).
This luxury edition is for sale for € 30,- (ex postage) Available to order via

Listen to the recordings here

The original recording was mastered by Quinten Dierick; Sido Dekker of the Rechtleggers designed a new leporello: silkscreen: silver on black cardboard and a luxury box made by cardboard Brown; CTRL-Z Arnhem took care of the screen printing of the leporello and the cassette cover; the tape factory in Lochem copied the new edition of 100 cassettes.

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