Performances and sound art

  • de Uilleann pipes

    the Uilleann pipes 1 chanter, 3 drones and 3 regulators

  • The first chanter was broken and replaced by a copy made of redwood. Glued the old one again and it plays great.

  • Carel plays the uilleann pipes

  • Met Masha Bronnikova tijdens

    With Masha Bronnikova during the festival "Vurige tongen", Amsterdam

  • Schokland sept. 2019 with Masha Bronnikova

  • Met Jeroen Huisman in Winssen

    With Jeroen Huisman in Winssen

  • Met Mick O'Shea in the guesthouse Cork

    With Mick O'Shea in the guesthouse Cork

  • With Harmjan Roeles in Galery Espace Enny

  • Toonbeeld 2 in 5 delen

    Toonbeeld 2 in 5 parts

  • Toonbeeld 2 als geheel

    Toonbeeld 2 connected

  • Extendable horn 30- 300 cm.

  • Tamara Kho on violin; research on interaction between uilleann pipes and fiddle

Carel Lanters graduated at the Artschool AKI in Enschede (NL) with the project “Toonbeelden” (sound sculptures). Wind instruments made from tree branches moulded in air-drying clay, leaving a (musical) horn after removal of the branch. His graduation show consisted of 4 compositions for 10 horns on cassettetape.

He still regulary plays on the horns in performances.

In 2000 he started learning to  play on the Uilleann pipes, the Irish bagpipes. With this 7 reed instrument and the horns, he performs  in variable combinations with Quinten Dierick, Masha Bronnikova, Jeroen Huisman, Harmjan Roeles and others. The instrument is made by Marc van Daal

Recently, in collaboration with Tamara Kho, he researched the possibilities of interaction between pipes and violin. The results could be seen and heard in the exhibition Wandering Songs in Plaatsmaken Arnhem.

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