Polystyrene sculptures

  • Hoogte 180 cm, collectie ABN Amro Amsterdam

    Nimf 1 H:210 cm, collection ABN Amro Amsterdam

  • Opgebouwd in VM23 voor de tentoonstelling Beeldenstorm in 2016

    Nimf 2, 4,5 m. Assembled in VM23 in the exhibition "Beeldenstorm" (iconoclasm) in 2016

  • In the sculpture garden of Gallery Espace Enny

  • Nimf 3 2,5 m. Assembled in Hooghuis, Arnhem

  • Fee 2002, photography of an installation, collection Provincie Gelderland

  • Kunstruimte Kampen

  • Kunstruimte Kampen

Every now and then Carel works on sculptures that are built in layers.

The layers are made out of polystyrene plates.

Picture 1: Nimf, collection ABN Amro

Graceful, fragile and completely autonomous, this sculpture by Carel Lanters turns silently around. A silent Spanish dancer. But with the title Nymph the artist chooses a reference to an immortal Greek demigodess, who according to myth lives in nature. All the more surprising that the statue is completely constructed from polystyrene foam, which is normally used as insulation and packaging material. By stacking it in thin plates and cutting it out manually, Lanters created a graceful sculpture with an exciting shape, which looks as if it came straight out of a 3D printer. Due to the movement, the image reflects a constantly changing light. Lanters thus gives the polystyrene foam a new and immortal life, a life like that of the goddess herself.


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Courtesy of the artist