ArtBorne 2018: Coined in peace

  • Vredesmunt gemaakt van een stuiver

    "Peace-coin" made from a 5 euro-cent-coin

  • Pennypress-machine

  • 40835818_10156753404874914_3515674024493449216_o

    "Peace-coin" made from a 5 euro-cent-coin

  • 40940681_10156753387244914_4800058108594356224_n

    "Peace-coin" made from a 5 euro-cent-coin

ArtBorne 2018: “Coined in peace”. A project in collaboration with the Scarabee foundation, in honour of the yearly Airborne March.

Through this project I pointed out the fact that war and money always go hand in hand. Using several penny press machines, I let the marchers create a memorial coin from 5 euro cent coins, this rendering the money useless for its original purpose.

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