The Branch of Salzburg

The Branch of Salzburg

Roundabout at the Verlengde Slotlaan-Boulevard, Zeist, 1999

Stainless steel branch covered with pieces of crystal, length and height: 8 meters.

In the past, the local people of Salzburg had a custom of lowering a branch on a rope down the shaft of a salt mine. After three months the branch would be hoisted to the surface, now filled with countless salt crystals. This story was used by Stendhal in his book “The Seven Stages of Love” and is a metaphor for hope for love. The people from Salzburg hoped for a branch as large as a tit’s foot, set with real diamonds. The artist translated this story into a poetic image that changes from moment to moment, along with the changing of natural light. To have the sculpture connect with the adjacent residential area, the artist added a small bronze twig to all of the road sign poles, transforming the traffic signs into sculptures.


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  • 4 de tak van Salzburg, Zeist, bij nacht

    At night

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    Article in Art Magazine

  • To radiate the sculpture to the nearby newly built housing project, about 100 road sign poles got a small bronze twig that transformed all traffic signs into sculptures.