Pieces of Mind

New housing estate Westeraam

Elst, municipality of Overbetuwe, 2006

In 50 corner houses in the Lingebuurt area a niche was built into the corner.

For these “domains” I modelled a hundred figurines that were baked and glazed. The rich and old culture of the area formed a source of inspiration for the modelling work which is of an archaic nature.

The then future residents of the corner houses were then given the choice to pick a figurine for their own niche.

This way every street (corner) got their own identity.

  • elst-03

    Selection of 24 'pieces of mind'

  • Selection of 6 'pieces of mind'

  • elst-01

    An object in a concrete niche

  • elst-02

    Denkbeeld, 'piece of mind'