Private commissions

Private clients often give a free assignment, but sometimes also require a specific design, such as a memorial object, a family crest or a grave statue

Together with them I then discuss the possibilities from concept to implementation.

  • two door grilles casted in aluminium

  • seen from inside

  • shadow on the floor

  • st Caomhán cross on a grave on Inis Oirr (Ireland)

  • Memorial plaque Tuf van Vuuren, financed bij people from the quarter.

  • Reconstructie in brons op graf

    For a new house: a bronze relief representing Jeanne d'Arc and the saints who appeared to her

  • Grave sculpture. Bronze and glass on Norwegian slate

  • Verwondering

    Ecological garden, Arnhem The residents’ committee Prins Hendrikstraat Arnhem NL, was awarded the 2nd Best RC of the country. For this garden Carel made a concrete object with a tiny bronze object inside it.

  • Coat of arms for Saris. Bronze. 2019

  • Graveslabs for 2 beloved cats. Commission. Buttermilk for activating algae and moss on the concrete surface. A ritual.

  • Garden sculpture, bronze, h: 180 cm. After the owners moved, the image was adapted for indoors.

  • From a series of 5 bronze statues for a collector's garden. height bronze: 120 cm on a steel stand.